Dexlysia is a platforming game where the player must run across morphing letters. The letters may disappear, rotate, or even shift into different letters.

The game shows non-dyslexic children, teenagers, and young adults what it is like to have different forms of dyslexia.

The game is divided into two phases; non-dyslexic and dyslexic versions of the same sentence or phrase. The two different phases are timed to show players that it is harder to read if someone has dyslexia.

Note: When creating your own level, the first letter can be any lowercase letter or uppercase C, O, P, R, S, T, V, W, X, or Z as we do not have all the uppercase letters in this build. Also, the create your own level does not include the dyslexic version of the letters because it was out of scope for this project.

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