Specimen ADAM

Specimen ADAM is an isometric stealth game where the player is an adorably demonic alien monster, or ADAM for short. The player can run around as the cute form, the house pet of the lab, and charm scientists; or the player can transform into the monstrous form, attacking workers and eating their remains. However you play, you must escape the lab before the workers find out your secret by destroying panels and generators spread across the playing field.

The game is played with a dual sticks and four (4) buttons. It is designed to have an arcade feel, so seizure warning! To transform between the two forms, press Y or triangle and rotate the right analog stick four (4) times. The other actions have a similar mechanic; you must use both sticks to do every action. But be warned, some actions will root you in place, so be careful of scientists!

This project features the field of view scripts from my Field of View Template page. Every AI has a field of view that grows from light yellow to red. Yellow colors mean they are not suspicious of ADAM at all, and darker colors mean the player must run from them to avoid plasma balls that they shoot.

This project was done in a team of seven (7). I worked with one (1) other programmer named Alexander Hubble. Alex focus on the UI elements and menu systems while I focused on the field of view, AI pathfinding, save and load functions, and input for the twin sticks.

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